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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Blog Swap Prezzies!

So I received my blog swap presents in the post yesterday from the lovely Chelsea at chelsschapman.blogspot.co.uk :D I was SO excited when I saw the box and I couldn't wait to open it! I have to admit I was immensely shocked when I saw what was inside as there was SO MUCH stuff! Seriously, Chels deserves an award just for managing to fit that amount of products within our spending limit! Anyway, on to what was inside...


In this photo I have a 'When the Clock Strikes Midnight' eyeshadow palette, A Rimmel lipstick in shade 'Honey Honey' and some Ted Baker eyeshadow.

The lipstick in shade 'Honey Honey'. It's very different to the colour I would usuaually go for so I'm excited to wear it out!

This was the inside of the palette which I think is so cute! There was a brush but I took it out to take photograph :) I did some swatches also, the colours below from left to right are; Nightshade, Thicket, Falsehood, Enchanted Oak and Coppice.

Below are the nail varnishes I received, from left to right, number 7's 'Devils Delight', Essie's 'Orange, it's obvious' (LOVE this one) and Number 7's 'Hot to trot' 

I told Chels that my favourite colour at the moment is orange and she certainly listened! Not only did she get me an orange nail varnish that I adore already, but she also purchased an 'orange and cinnamon' shower gel which I used yesterday in the bath and smells DIVINE! :') The other bath goodies I received were a soap (not sure where from) that smells sweet and so lovely and a bath bomb which I think looks like a sandcastle/lego piece :')

Finally, I had a face mask which I used this morning actually and has made my skin feel great and 'Loving Words' by Impulse which I didn't have but my friend sprayed me with at school on Friday and I loved the smell of it then!

So as you can see I received a LOT of things from Chelsea and I'm really grateful for her choices :') Thank you so much Chels and I hope you enjoy what I got you! Go to her blog to see what my present to her was :)
One final thing, I actually opened this up on camera so that I could post it as a video to my YouTube channel that will be uploaded later in the week and you can see my reaction as I open it up! Please go and check it out and I will link it when I've posted it :)

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