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Hey I'm Emz and if you must know one thing about me it's my ability to ramble about anything. Perhaps this makes me a great blogger, but then again could also make me a crazy person. I like to think it makes me a good candidate for a career in Journalism... which happens to be exactly my dream, HOORAY FOR COINCIDENCES *wink*
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Monday, 25 February 2013

I heart drugstore makeup TAG

Hey guys sorry for not posting but I have been away on a ski trip with school and only just got back a few days ago so I have been busy with school work and catching up on my energy levels! I had an awesome time though and have many bruises to prove just how much exercise we did :) I even got an award for the most out-of-control jump named the 'Eddie the Eagle' award from the teachers! I am proud to say that after going on two ski trips I now know how to properly ski and can 'carve' (hands up if you know that ski term ;)) as well as land the majority of jumps and ski confidently down black runs even with moguls and also off-piste! :D I had an amazing time but sorry if I was a little neglecting, however I was in Austria so I'm sure you can let me off...

So my most recent video is the 'I heart drugstore makeup TAG' which went up yesterday and here are my photos for this blog post. If you want to find out more then just go and watch my video and subscribe :)

Do go and check out my channel and I will see you soon!


  1. love the post and love the video lady, great choices from the tag!!