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Thursday, 31 January 2013

What perfume?

Hey guys! This is just to let you know my new video is up! :D yeyyyyy! I love making these videos so so much and it really makes me so happy to see the comments people are writing! Continue to subscribe, watch and comment guys! Much love :3

Anyway, here are a few photos of my three favourite perfumes and if you want to find out more then do go and watch my video for a full disclosure on all of my perfumes :) Enjoy! 

Ralph by Ralph Lauren 

Boss Orange Sunset by Hugo Boss

Rebelle by Rihanna

So that's a few of my perfumes! If you want to check out the rest then do go and watch my video :)

Monday, 28 January 2013

Review: Sugar Crush by Soap & Glory

I am hopefully going to start doing posts a little more frequently and a little less 'rambly' as many of my previous ones have been :') I have a tendency to waffle on in my introduction and talk about many many things :') I'd love to do shorter posts and more of them for that fact! Anyway, getting right down to the good stuff, I have recently been asked if I can do a review of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush products and I'm very excited about this since I adore them! 
Firstly, I know a lot of people have tried this trilogy and there are always great reviews on these products but I thought it can't hurt to have yet another opinion on the matter as well as some pwetty pictures :3 I have mentioned these products before on this blog as well as my new YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/Emziecole?feature=mhee  

So without further ado, here are my views on the oh-so-gorgeous Soap and Glory Sugar Crush products :)

 So here is the Body 'Buttercream', in my opinion the best smelling of all three and the best product as it leaves your skin smelling like the actual cream. I'm sad that it's not full! That is how much I love it, I just never want it to run out ever! I think that this smells like Lemon Meringue which is quite a strong scent but I find that's a good aspect since it stays on your skin all day and leaves you smelling great! You can see how much I've used already (excuse the finger marks, I've tried to use as little as possible). Although, even bearing that in mind I still smelt strongly of 'sweet-lime' all day! I wouldn't say I have yet seen a difference in my skin as luckily I don't suffer with particularly dry skin except occasionally my arms and legs, but I'm sure if I did I would definitely find this a worthwhile product as it is recommended by so many :) This is the most expensive of the 'trilogy' as I like to call it. At £10 it is £4 more expensive than the body wash but I like to smell of my bath products all day (I know some don't) and so the body wash unfortunately doesn't cut it for me alone. If you are looking for a good scented, well moisturising product that leaves you with that 'just bathed' feeling all day, then I definitely recommend this if you don't mind paying a tenner :)

 I know a lot of 'beauty guru's' use the Sugar crush scrub and rave about it on YouTube and it was because of this that I wandered into Boots and gave them a quick sniff :') I was HOOKED when I smelt the amazingness that is the Sugar crush selection and I have to say that in my opinion none of the other Soap and Glory products compare in scent. I have never really tried any S&G products before (a bit of a Soap and Glory virgin I'm afraid) but I'm delighted with this teeny tiny collection I have now. I have two scrubs as one of my friend's purchased 10 products in a bag for around £25 not-so-long-back when they were on special offer and gave me the scrub as she doesn't like the smell. I know what you're thinking, WHY DID YOU NOT BUY ONE EMMA?! Well, I sit on the bus next to this particular friend and she didn't tell me about this offer until she had already bought one and was showing me the contents. It happened to be  Friday and my local Boots wasn't partaking in this particular offer so I had to wait until Monday to buy one, by which time of course pea brain forgetful Emma had forgotten all about it... *cries*. Anyway I have been suffering with slight breakouts on the back of my shoulders due to emotional and exam stress and my illness and so I was very keen to find a scrub that would lessen this horrible problem! I have to say that so far my skin has felt loads smoother after using this and so I would definitely recommend it! I am unsure whether it is helping with my slightly spotty/blemishy skin at the moment, perhaps I'm not using it often enough, but I will be sure to keep you informed!

I know you're all thinking, 'My God Emma your intro may have been shorter but the overall post certainly was not!' Sorry about that, as I said I do have a tendency to waffle but I just like to make sure I've covered everything and keep a more conversational tone apposed to just preaching to an audience :) Anyway, finally here is the body wash, the cheapest of the three at £6, the scrub being £8 as I forgot to mention. This one is definitely going to last me a LONG LONG time :') You barely even need just one pump of this onto a sponge and it's plenty which I love as it means I can save a bit'o money! This one is the least overpowering of all the scents but I think it does stay on your skin for a while after, whereas some body washes I have tried disappear after just a few seconds :( I can't say I have noticed major difference in this wash to any others other than it's very foamy and smells delicious, but I don't really think that there is much difference in soap :') So here we go. Here are my opinions on these products but make no mistake I ADORE them because of the smell and it stays with me all day. perhaps I haven't used them enough to notice a real difference in my skin and if many people think that they're good then they must be!

  • They smell delicious
  • Stay on your skin for many hours
  • Make your skin feel lovely and soft
  • They're addictive to smell (not sure if that's a pro or a con actually ;))
  • The price as with all S&G products is quite extravagant for what they are if you're on a budget
  • Haven't noticed immense improvement to my skin yet but needs further investigation :P
So there we go, hope that helps if you're planning to purchase these any time soon :) Please do go and check out my YouTube channel and subscribe! Loves <3

Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Vlogging, snow and Yankee candles

HEYAAAA so the next Emziecole video installment is saving as we speak and shall be up shortly! I filmed it on Monday as I had a day off school due to the oh-so-terrible snow, how unfortunate ;)

 I decided to film a vlog as I had an idea to spend my day off 'productively' by buying the gifts for the blog swap I am taking part in thanks to chelsschapman.blogspot.co.uk!! :D So of I wandered into the snowy lands, spending an hour walking, jumping... soaking, all to get to my local town centre. The things I do for this blog eh? ;) I didn't film any parts of me buying, it's a surprise after all! Although I did end up going slightly overboard in some changing rooms due to my favourite song coming on the sound system and holding a camera at the same time, perhaps not the best use of my time. :') It did mean that I ended up having to cram a 2000 word essay plus quotes into what little time I had after school yesterday owing to my 'productive' day on Monday and my constant laziness with leaving everything to last minute. What can I say really? Nothing. I did take some lovely pictures of the snow so in some ways that makes my laziness okay, Let's just say yes. Here are a few of them.

It was an interesting day though since I bucked up the courage to walk all that way in the snow and the cold just so I could go shopping. I feel the need to insert '#whatwomenwant' into this, it seems an appropriate summary for my stupid behaviour. WHO WALKS TO GO SHOPPING IN THE SNOW?! hashtag dedicated ;) So yes do go check out my new video, in fact it is up right now!


Another thing I wanted to mention in this post is my new found love of Yankee Candles *brain explosion from amazingness* I LOVE them! My friend actually bought me a Yankee Candle burner for my birthday along with four little wax tarts and so far I have used two of them after literally burning them non-stop for a week. I even ordered four more off the website just because I couldn't stand the idea of NOT having one on the go. Obsession beginning? Probably. THEY ARRIVED YESTERDAY! I was so happy when I saw the little package! The one's that came with my burner that are remaining are 'Turquoise Sky' and 'Waikiki Melon'. The Melon one SMELLS AMAZING! I think I have already mentioned before that I like citrus scents/fruity scents so the melon is perfect and I can't wait to burn it.
 My burner is green which used to be my favourite colour until recent and it's so adorably cute and fits right next to my bed on my bedside table. Don't worry, I keep it firmly away from any fabric! It still has wax in it from 'Black coconut' that I am trying to use until the very last drop to get as much use out as I can. The only problem with the tarts is that they don't evaporate/burn off and so you have to remove the leftover wax at the end which I need to do soon so I can have some new smells!
 I bought four new tarts as I mentioned previously and I was questioned by one of my friends today, "Emma, how did you buy them online without smelling them first?" Well, I just took a risk of course! What's life without risks eh? :) Also, I was so desperate for more one night that I simply had to buy them then and there! Have you ever been in one of those moods before where you simply can't wait until you go shopping regardless of the fact that you haven't tested the product out and you have to pay postage? Yep. Typical women folk we are. So the tarts I bought (without testing, oopsie) are 'Strawberry Buttercream', 'Sparkling lemon', 'Fruit Fusion' and 'Sugared apple'. I totally made the right decision and I love all of them! Risk well took I think :)

So there you go, a few little thoughts from Emma for the day :) Hope you have been enjoying the snow if you've had it! I liked it at first but now I'm starting to get annoyed as it means I can't do everything I want to, wahhh :( That's all from me today guys, please go and subscribe to my new YouTube channel! I promise you won't regret it. Taraaaa <3

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Advice? From YOU!?

So here you go guys, my new video yeyyyyeeeeeoooo!! 

This one is entitled 'favourites on a 17 year old's budget'. Now some of you may be thinking 'Why should I trust the advice of a seventeen year old?' Want my advice? Nahh course you don't, I'm 17 ;) Well I advise you to trust me and I will tell you some of my beauty failures. WARNING: Severe embarrassment coming up...

Reason number one as to why you should watch my video: I have had my fair share of mishaps during my younger teenage years with makeup. Believe it or not I have not always been this great at applying it (you jokin'). In fact, one of my first experiences of actually wearing makeup was when I was round at one of my oldest friend's houses about 8 years ago. She had been given a gift set with various things in such as several eyeliners, eyeshadows and lip glosses I think. Anyway, the mishap happened with the eyeliner. At age 9/10 we thought we were old enough to wear little amounts of makeup... which would have been fine had we known how to apply it. Dear lord I do not recommend you leave children alone with makeup. Seriously. How did we even think it looked good!? Instead of applying the eyeliner pencil along our water lines, (her idea not mine) we thought it would be best to apply them UNDERNEATH our eyes following where bags generally are. What even!? That is not even the worst part. Not only did we look revolting, we actually ENCOURAGED each other and complimented on how good it looked. We eventually walked out to greet her mom and tell her how amazing we looked. No surprise we were laughed at and had our faces scrubbed at :') To give you an idea I even have a photo to demonstrate this mistake. Please excuse my naked eye and face.

So I did eventually learn from this mistake I promise, only probably not as much as anyone would have hoped.
Reason number two: I wore FAR too much eyeliner underneath my eyes from the ages of 13 to 14 . I am not even joking, You should see my passport photo. When I took it as ID for a 15 certificate film a couple of years ago I swear the guy at the desk took a double take and stared at me like I was a different person. I look dead. I think I went through a 'phase' at that age and decided to wear dark makeup and dark clothes. When I was 14 I slightly reduced the amount of eyeliner I wore to a more acceptable level and was wearing mascara too thank god. I can still remember wearing JUST eyeliner at one point, big mistake. If you watch my video you can see that I definitely grew out of that (phew). I remember that I wore it because I was insecure if I didn't and my family would tell me how ridiculous it looked, which would just make me feel more insecure (god knows why) but luckily I did eventually grow out of that AWFUL habit. 

The photo is sort of stretched and deformed but you get the idea :') Don't I just look like the sort of scary teenager you would avoid? The answer to that is yes.

Reason number three: I was a brace face. Yes I had terrible terrible teeth. No. TERRIBLE. Most people had good teeth and mine looked like they had been involved in a car accident and I am not exaggerating. I even had a cast of my teeth when my moulds were done just so I could compare after I had had them removed. I kept the cast for quite a while and when people saw it they were shocked. Thank god for braces, 'nuff said. This of course means that I know what it is like to feel insecure (who doesn't?) but it also means I dealt with 2 years of braces all so that the end result would make me feel better about myself. 

Me with braces in France.

Reason number four: Not only was I terrible at applying eyeliner, but me and my friend (the same friend as in reason one) used to see each other and have 'makeover' days. We would grab all items of makeup and products we could find and go to town on each other's face and hair. Unfortunately I have no photos of what  we looked like but I will add one with one of our major mistakes. Eyeshadow. Okay so we were 10 or so but we STILL should have known that this look was not good. When it came to blusher, it was applied directly to the cheeks in circles to make one look as though they had been slapped in the face... hard... with a brick. Not the best of looks I am sure you will agree :') The eyeshadow as mentioned before was applied with force and so that the person who was enjoying the 'makeover'(torture) was left with massively blue eyes that could only be removed with vigorous scrubbing. Not only this but I still think there was yet again a lack of mascara. It might just be the shape of my eyes but I just look ill with any makeup on without mascara. I am even pretty sure we found pots of glitter and PLASTERED them all over our faces. Dear Lord. However, the face was not the only issue. Hair. Well. I can vividly remember my friend sitting in a chair in the middle of the room and me practically attacking her hair with a brush, backcombing it, plaiting it, twisting it into various shapes of my choosing, only to hear from her 'Wow Em, that's really good!' I'm starting to think she was lying...

So there we have it, I am totally trustworthy because I have just told you all of my flaws with makeup during my 17 year life, right? Let's just say yes. So after reading that you simply MUST go and watch my video, you'll regret it if you don't ;) BYEBYE <3

Friday, 18 January 2013

I was a lucky girl :)

 Hiyaaaaaa! Lots of spare time on my hands now! Yippee!! Now, I know I tend to waffle and go on a lot in the introductions and I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing if everyone who read my blog cared about my crazy thoughts so I am going to try and be more concise starting from today, so lets get right into the good stuff. 
I have recently been buying lots of things for myself due to having a job and watching too many fantastic YouTubers talk about what they love :S Not a good combination as my bank balance is beginning to decrease rapidly! Anyway, I have heard a lot of comments about Essie nail varnish and after pining over essie's 'mint candy apple' colour for what seemed like ages, my best friend actually bought it for me for my birthday present, what a cutie :') It's a FANTASTIC colour and when I was applying it the coverage was so great that I felt I might not have even needed a second coat except I put it on anyway to make the colour stand out better. These nail varnishes do come with a slightly hefty price tag of £7.99 but the bonus is that you can get them from most drug stores! I know that the 'Boots' near me supplies them and they have a gorgeous range of really feminine colours to choose from. I only put it on a few hours ago actually (when I returned home from playing in the snow, such a child) as I was wearing the colour below.
 Where do I begin with Models Own Headkandi Beach Party? I have never used a nail varnish I have loved as much as this little gem. Hands down the most amazing colour ever. I already mentioned I have a growing obsession with orange (I'm going to blame Zoella for that ;)) and when I saw her mentioning it over and over again in her videos I felt I just HAD to try it for myself. I was wearing it in my introduction video and I was so sad to take it off today but I was replacing it with Mint Candy Apple so it wasn't too bad luckily :) I can see myself literally wearing this all year regardless of the season and I think this may be the first nail varnish I ever re-purchase (I have far too many, I have never run out as of yet). My favourite thing about this (besides the colour) is the fact that when you walk into natural light (I'm unsure about sun as there hasn't been any) it will get FAR brighter. I felt like I would be easily seen in the dark as it was practically luminous. A few of my teachers also commented on how bright it was and I know some of my friends may not have liked it as much as me, perhaps it was just too controversial for them, but I know I ADORED it :')
 As I have previously mentioned, I am frequently wearing lipstick and I saw an offer in Boots on all Revlon lip products not so long back and was planning on buying myself one of their lip butters but after being unable to find the one I wanted (they'd all been snapped up) I decided to have a quick little look at the Just Bitten lip stains. They were all just £5 each reduced from RRP of £7.99 and so OBVIOUSLY that meant it was okay for me to purchase yet another lip product... it was on offer! I originally wanted an orange lip butter but after I noticed there were none left *sad face* I thought I might as well look at the stains. I watched essiebutton's review video on the lip stains and so I knew they were good and it felt a lot like a balm for the majority of time I was wearing it. My only qualm with mine is that it isn't too dark and so doesn't stay on my lips as long as I thought it would unlike what essiebutton said as she had to scrub hers off at the end of the day. The shade I have is 040 and I wore it in my first YouTube video. I do love this too :)
 Hats, hats, hats is what I'm about at the moment! Buy me a hat/lipstick/candle/bath bomb and I will give you mighty big snuggles is all I'm a sayin' ;) Haha, no I'm just majorly obsessed with wearing cute little hats and I saw this in New Look the other day after wandering into town with the intention of purchasing another one (I already have this is grey) and blue was my colour of choice this day.
 Erm... well... this was full at one point I swear! I had been after some more lush bath bombs recently (once again thanks to YouTubers) and so I popped in there when up town just before I went back to sixth form to get my friend's birthday present. I ended up buying her an amazing orange bath bomb as part of her birthday present which looked like a sunset in the bath and she used it a couple of days ago and then sent me a picture of it on Twitter haha :') It must have smelled amazing as all Lush products do. I bought myself the 'Fizzbanger' bath bomb and it smelled of Toffee Apples and was yellow on the outside and then blue on the inside! The pictures are below (sneaky peak of my bath times, oops ;)) It turned my bath BRIGHT green at the end and it had popping candy in! Awesome bath experience I must say :') I tried to take a picture of how massively bright the water turned out but when I tried to take a picture, the quality was just not good enough and it didn't represent just how bright the water really was. :( 

 This was a birthday present from one of my friends and it is ALMOST IDENTICAL to one of my all time favourite fragrances, 'Ralph' by Ralph Lauren. I swear, I almost can't tell the difference. I don't know what brand it is but I know she got it at the Clothes Show last year and it's called 'Romantic Lover' but that's all I know about it. I am a massive fan of citrus smelling things which is why I love fruity bath things and this perfume in my opinion is quite citrus-like :) 
 Haha, now this I think is so cute! You know on Facebook when you're in the younger years  at school and so you decide to 'get married' to one of your friends? Yeah, well I've been 'married' for 2 years now to my friend and although we have drifted apart at school she still got me the cutest things! Cute because of why she got them, not so much what they are. In her card she said 'this is to protect my wifee on the Ski Trip' haha how adorable/we are weird, however way you wish to look at it. I had a teeny tiny hot water bottle shaped hand warmer which is so cute, along with three Vaseline's in the giant tin! It was just something small and I will be off on the ski trip in around 5 weeks! WOO!
 Now this is why I'm lucky. What is in this box?
 Haha I am terribly lucky I'm afraid and this blog post just demonstrates the reasons WHY you should always ask if a shop doesn't have what you want out on the shelves. As I already mentioned above, I wandered into Lush looking for bath bombs but also after hearing people raving about 'Snow Fairy'. I had never smelt this product or used it but I thought I'd give it a go. As it was after Christmas I couldn't see it anywhere in the shop and so I assumed they had already got rid of their Christmas stock... but... I went and asked an assistant and she told me how lucky I was as she had ONE remaining gift box and it was HALF PRICE! I ended up paying a measly £6 or less for the shower gel, soap and the glitter bar! It wasn't wrapped but I didn't mind and when I asked her how popular Snow Fairy usually was I found out that people go MAD for the stuff! Apparently there was once a sale for £90 on ebay because the customer obviously couldn't wait until Christmas for it... and I got it for 6. I'm aware I was very lucky to be the last one and also to have only payed such a small amount and I plan on using it tomorrow when I pop in the bath :) It smells delicious and I can definitely see why people would be so hooked on the stuff.
 So that's it for today folks! Just thought I'd share a few of my new things, whether purchased or as gifts :) Hope you enjoyed reading and I should be uploading a video on Sunday/Monday fingers crossed so make sure to watch out for that! Here's my last video though so if you haven't seen it already then make sure to go and watch! Cheerio! 

Thursday, 17 January 2013

The Liebster Award!

Hey guys! MY EXAM IS OFFICIALLY OVER! Yes I only had one but it was a toughie :( History AS... hell on a stick. Although why should I care anymore?! IT IS OVER AND HOPEFULLY I WON'T HAVE TO RESIT IT IN THE SUMMER! (fingers crossed :S) Aaaaanyway I thought I would let you know as this means I have oodles more free time to make blog posts and... drum roll please... VIDEOS! Yes I filmed my first video on Sunday and then spent yesterday night editing it, I rambled on and managed to film almost half an hour of footage so it has been SEVERELY cut down I assure you. It is converting as we speak and I shall soon be uploading it to YouTube! So exciting! I'm unsure how it will turn out but hopefully it will be received well :) Try to ignore my weirdness if possible, although I am mighty weird.
So I promised I would eventually do a post on the Liebster award as I have been nominated twice by two different people now! woah popular ;) So I shall actually answer those questions now! 

Liebster award numero uno, nominated by chelsschapman.blogspot.co.uk (she's lovely, do go check her out if you haven't already)
I have already linked back to the person who nominated me for Liebster award number one and now I have to write 11 facts about myself, although these 11 facts will be used for both of my nominations.
So here we go:
- I have a growing obsession with the colour orange and also candles (I have them lit all the time)
- I get practically all my ideas about what to buy from YouTubers (makeup, body products etc)
- I used to play the violin and I quit when I started learning grade 5
- I started gymnastics when I was 6/7 and I'd like to say I haven't stopped yet as long as I recover soon :)
- My phone is terrible and I am on my third replacement of the same one in 2 years (bad Orange)
- I LOVE Desperate housewives, Vampire Diaries and Friends and I have got ALL of the box sets of these series (DH - season 1 - 8. Vamp Diaries - season 1 - 3. Friends - season 1 - 10)
- I like turtles and they are my favorite animal :)
- I consider myself to be pretty social and confident and I love my friends to pieces
- I love high heels even though I have a dodgy foot and wearing them cripples me, must remember to stop buying so many.
- The background picture on my iPod at the moment is of my little rubber duck 'Jeremy' (sad eh?)
- I pierced my own ear last year and tried to hide it from my parents (they found out the same day, oops!)
So there we have it! My life on a plate... or page. So now I have to answer the following questions :)

1. What is your favorite piece of makeup you own?
Oh now that is tricky! I would have to say that my favorite is probably my mascara by Maybelline 'Illegal Length' as I don't think I could leave the house without wearing mascara and it makes my eyelashes SO LONG. Definitely a re-purchase :)

2. Would you rather wear stuff too big or too small?

Definitely too big. I'm not a fan of purposely wearing stuff too small (unless you're on a night out) as I find it too restrictive. In fact, in my video I'm wearing a jumper size 'Large' just so I can snuggle in it! I'm a fan of over sized hoodies too.

3. Plain nails or painted nails?

I don't know a girl who prefers un-painted nails and I love nail varnish to pieces! I love wearing new colours, I just hate waiting for it to dry. I will always have my nails painted except when I have to go to work as they don't allow nail varnish on for waitressing. 

4. If you could only have one, what would you keep, hairdryer or straighteners?
100% hairdryer. My hair is pretty naturally straight anyway and if I leave it to dry naturally it just goes incredibly flat :(

5. Blusher or bronzer?
Blusher as of recent 

6.Would you rather have your own makeup room or your own bathroom?
I would ADORE my own bathroom as I have to share with a younger brother and it would be fantastic to be able to pop in and out when I please. I could put all my makeup in there anyway.

7. Phone or laptop?
Erm, my phone can be pretty useless sometimes but I would hate not to have it as I can't leave the house without it. I always feel more secure with it. I can access the internet on it too it is just pretty slow. Phone.

8. Bags or shoes?
Shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes shoes... all the way shoes.

9. Eyebrow pencil or mascara?

I don't use eyebrow pencil and I think I could cope without filling my eyebrows in so I would have to say mascara.

10. If you were told you could have one item free for the rest of your life, what item would you pick?

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body butter. Yum.

11. Your favorite makeup brand?
Cross between Rimmel and Maybelline, I'm cheapo ;)


COOL! I will also answer the questions from dippywrites.blogspot.com :)

1. What is the weirdest place you've been to? 

The weirdest place I have been to is Morocco because it is so different and also because I felt slightly weird wandering around, I had to keep my Dad close by at all times :/

2. Are you someone who follows trends or does your own thing?

Erm, well I'm definitely inspired by YouTubers and other bloggers but I have never been one to buy something just because everyone else is, I actually have to LIKE what it is. However, if you go into high street shops to buy clothes, chances are what you are buying will be 'in'. I wear what I want and when I want really :)

3. What spring trend are you most looking forward to?
PASTEL NAILS! I wear whatever nail varnish I choose and am currently wearing Models Own Headkandi Beach party... not a winter colour :') But I just love the colours of spring and the SUN WILL BE OUT! Yippee!

4. What's your favorite restaurant?
I don't really eat out much if I'm honest but probably 'Dragons Den'. It's a local all-you-can-eat Chinese buffet.

5. If you could only use one makeup brand for the rest of your life, what would it be? 
Probably Rimmel :)

6. What's the one makeup product you couldn't live without?


7. Earrings or necklace?
I'm 100% an earrings person.

8. Who is your favorite designer?
Christian Louboutin (one day I WILL own a pair of his shoes.)

9. Indian Takeaway or Chinese?

Chinese fo sho!!

10. Where is the best beach you've been to?
Cannes in France. There was a walkway partially underwater and an Island!

11. If you could have any hairstyle/colour what would it be?

All colours of the rainbow! But I don't have the balls :')

Thanks for those questions guys!!! Hope you know a little more about me and here are my 11 questions for my 11 bloggers.
1. What is the most interesting item of clothing you own?
2. Which piece of makeup have you bought and never used/wish you had never bought?
3. What made you start blogging?
4. Who is your favorite YouTuber?
5. Which makeup brand do you not recommend?
6. What is your favorite high street shop?
7. Who do you look up to for fashion and beauty advice?
8. Have you ever had a 'wardrobe malfunction'?
9. On average, how long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
10. Are you an early riser or a late night person?
11. What is your most important piece of beauty advice?

Finally guys, exciting news! Here is my first video :') ENJOY! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y9sndAAgH44&feature=youtu.be

Saturday, 12 January 2013

Youtube and I

Well this didn't go as planned... I haven't posted in almost a WEEK, that's a WHOLE 7 DAYS! I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but before you hate me there is a reason! I've been terribly busy all week doing that lovely revision I procrastinated over all holiday :') Yep. It caught up with me. Nice one Emz. So because I was back at sixth form, revising and writing English essays the night before they're due in (laziness is bad guys, real bad.) I unfortunately didn't have any time to write a blog post. I also had to deal with the fact that England is not exactly the most sunny of places in the Winter and as I get home at half four every day there is almost no natural light left and I much prefer natural light for photos. I would leave the house when it was still dark and return as it was getting dark, oh the joys of Winter. I think tomorrow after my awesome bath with an awesome bath bomb I bought from awesome lush that turns my bath water awesome yellow then blue, I shall spend some time taking pictures to last me a week. My History exam is on Wednesday though so I won't be blogging until Thursday at the earliest so I can cram in as much revision as humanly possible, I am SO LAST MINUTE!
Aaaannyway, that was just to explain why I haven't posted in a while as you already know I planned on writing as much as possible at the moment :) I have been nominated for the Liebster award by Chelsea Chapman at chelsschapman.blogspot.co.uk and I am planning to complete my post on that soon but I plan to spend a while on that and I don't really have the time at the moment. Tonight this is just a rather quick blog post about something I have been thinking about for a while now :) So I have been writing this blog for just a short amount of time, I think three weeks, and at the beginning I had the idea of writing on here for a while and then starting up a YouTube account and making videos on the things in my random mind and of course beauty related videos (I may not be qualified but I own a LOT of products). I wanted to wait awhile because I would be more established and therefore have more people who would be interested in watching my videos but it meant being patient, something which I am not familiar with ;) I know that a LOT of people make YouTube videos and I'm not expecting to become 'big' or anything, it would just be nice to know that someone somewhere was interested in my ramblings. Now I'm not totally a newbie at making videos, in fact, a year ago my friends and I created an account called '7girlsonecamera' (we're just so witty and thought that it sounded hilariously like '2 girls 1 cup' yep. Feel free to judge) and so we had created our very own collab-channel. Unfortunately, due to some unfriendly comments from the lads on our bus towards one of my friends in the collaboration we deleted the account so you can't watch any of the videos, soz. I LOVED doing it and it was SO INCREDIBLY FUN :') We each had a day to make a video on and I had Friday. Every Thursday I would shoot the video and every Friday I would edit it and it was FAB.U.LOUS. I am a very drama-fond person and particularly last year before I got ill I would go to town on my videos every week and produce the most ridiculous videos one could even imagine. I was told that people enjoyed my videos and thought they were hilarious as I don't mind taking the p*** out of myself and being an absolute t**t on camera, something which many 'viewers' enjoyed :') We created videos every week for a couple of months but as we were in GCSE year, the work load started to catch up on us and we lost focus. Some people stopped making videos regularly and some stopped altogether. Eventually we just called it a day until exams were over... Except.. we never did go back to that channel :/ I got pretty ill and everyone else just didn't have the drive to do it. I would just like to say that I was the one person who made a video EVERY SINGLE WEEK we had the channel and I'm very proud of that fact.
So, you have found out that I had a 'past' YouTube' phase and I really enjoyed it so it isn't like I would be awkward talking and I already know how to edit so I think my videos wouldn't be tooooo awful... as long as I could stop being weird on camera for more than five minutes... what can I say, I'm a fool. Whilst I was part of that channel we had quite a few views on our videos actually, more than I was expecting to be honest and one of my friends actually had a good account of her own although she has stopped making regular videos now which is a shame :( She was really good and her videos are still up now if you want to check them out, 'viewrenz' is her name. The whole point of this post was to question whether anyone would be interested in watching my videos if I decide to start a YouTube channel and I would be really interested to hear your views :) I promise not to be as crazy as I was a year ago but I wasn't ill then so I was massively hyper all the time, the joker of the group. Not to say I've lost my spark but it is considerably lower than it was when I was healthy, but don't worry, I'm still abnormal ;) I decided to show you one of the videos (new YouTube account 'Emziecole' funnily enough) I created as I have still got them saved on my laptop thank god (or not) but I have to warn you, in fact you really haven't been warned enough of how crazy I actually am :') I AM WEIRD AND SO ARE MY VIDEOS. Also, at this point I was starting my 'health decline' I guess you could call it so I had a constantly blocked nose, how lovely. Please prepare yourself for what you are about to witness, after looking at the rest of my videos I decided I couldn't POSSIBLY show any of the others except this one as it was the first one I did and the others were mortifying. This is only one year ago in February to be precise. I was sixteen, You will understand why I am nervous about putting this up after you have watched it, it's not even the most horrific one by far... If you fancy seeing more of my failure at life then do tell and I possibly will put more up 'just for da lols'. I feel I have to inform you how much better I will make my videos if I end up making them in the future and also my room is completely different and obviously I look slightly older and I'm far more 'relaxed' than I used to be. I'm really nervous about this video. ENJOY <3