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Friday, 18 January 2013

I was a lucky girl :)

 Hiyaaaaaa! Lots of spare time on my hands now! Yippee!! Now, I know I tend to waffle and go on a lot in the introductions and I guess that wouldn't be a bad thing if everyone who read my blog cared about my crazy thoughts so I am going to try and be more concise starting from today, so lets get right into the good stuff. 
I have recently been buying lots of things for myself due to having a job and watching too many fantastic YouTubers talk about what they love :S Not a good combination as my bank balance is beginning to decrease rapidly! Anyway, I have heard a lot of comments about Essie nail varnish and after pining over essie's 'mint candy apple' colour for what seemed like ages, my best friend actually bought it for me for my birthday present, what a cutie :') It's a FANTASTIC colour and when I was applying it the coverage was so great that I felt I might not have even needed a second coat except I put it on anyway to make the colour stand out better. These nail varnishes do come with a slightly hefty price tag of £7.99 but the bonus is that you can get them from most drug stores! I know that the 'Boots' near me supplies them and they have a gorgeous range of really feminine colours to choose from. I only put it on a few hours ago actually (when I returned home from playing in the snow, such a child) as I was wearing the colour below.
 Where do I begin with Models Own Headkandi Beach Party? I have never used a nail varnish I have loved as much as this little gem. Hands down the most amazing colour ever. I already mentioned I have a growing obsession with orange (I'm going to blame Zoella for that ;)) and when I saw her mentioning it over and over again in her videos I felt I just HAD to try it for myself. I was wearing it in my introduction video and I was so sad to take it off today but I was replacing it with Mint Candy Apple so it wasn't too bad luckily :) I can see myself literally wearing this all year regardless of the season and I think this may be the first nail varnish I ever re-purchase (I have far too many, I have never run out as of yet). My favourite thing about this (besides the colour) is the fact that when you walk into natural light (I'm unsure about sun as there hasn't been any) it will get FAR brighter. I felt like I would be easily seen in the dark as it was practically luminous. A few of my teachers also commented on how bright it was and I know some of my friends may not have liked it as much as me, perhaps it was just too controversial for them, but I know I ADORED it :')
 As I have previously mentioned, I am frequently wearing lipstick and I saw an offer in Boots on all Revlon lip products not so long back and was planning on buying myself one of their lip butters but after being unable to find the one I wanted (they'd all been snapped up) I decided to have a quick little look at the Just Bitten lip stains. They were all just £5 each reduced from RRP of £7.99 and so OBVIOUSLY that meant it was okay for me to purchase yet another lip product... it was on offer! I originally wanted an orange lip butter but after I noticed there were none left *sad face* I thought I might as well look at the stains. I watched essiebutton's review video on the lip stains and so I knew they were good and it felt a lot like a balm for the majority of time I was wearing it. My only qualm with mine is that it isn't too dark and so doesn't stay on my lips as long as I thought it would unlike what essiebutton said as she had to scrub hers off at the end of the day. The shade I have is 040 and I wore it in my first YouTube video. I do love this too :)
 Hats, hats, hats is what I'm about at the moment! Buy me a hat/lipstick/candle/bath bomb and I will give you mighty big snuggles is all I'm a sayin' ;) Haha, no I'm just majorly obsessed with wearing cute little hats and I saw this in New Look the other day after wandering into town with the intention of purchasing another one (I already have this is grey) and blue was my colour of choice this day.
 Erm... well... this was full at one point I swear! I had been after some more lush bath bombs recently (once again thanks to YouTubers) and so I popped in there when up town just before I went back to sixth form to get my friend's birthday present. I ended up buying her an amazing orange bath bomb as part of her birthday present which looked like a sunset in the bath and she used it a couple of days ago and then sent me a picture of it on Twitter haha :') It must have smelled amazing as all Lush products do. I bought myself the 'Fizzbanger' bath bomb and it smelled of Toffee Apples and was yellow on the outside and then blue on the inside! The pictures are below (sneaky peak of my bath times, oops ;)) It turned my bath BRIGHT green at the end and it had popping candy in! Awesome bath experience I must say :') I tried to take a picture of how massively bright the water turned out but when I tried to take a picture, the quality was just not good enough and it didn't represent just how bright the water really was. :( 

 This was a birthday present from one of my friends and it is ALMOST IDENTICAL to one of my all time favourite fragrances, 'Ralph' by Ralph Lauren. I swear, I almost can't tell the difference. I don't know what brand it is but I know she got it at the Clothes Show last year and it's called 'Romantic Lover' but that's all I know about it. I am a massive fan of citrus smelling things which is why I love fruity bath things and this perfume in my opinion is quite citrus-like :) 
 Haha, now this I think is so cute! You know on Facebook when you're in the younger years  at school and so you decide to 'get married' to one of your friends? Yeah, well I've been 'married' for 2 years now to my friend and although we have drifted apart at school she still got me the cutest things! Cute because of why she got them, not so much what they are. In her card she said 'this is to protect my wifee on the Ski Trip' haha how adorable/we are weird, however way you wish to look at it. I had a teeny tiny hot water bottle shaped hand warmer which is so cute, along with three Vaseline's in the giant tin! It was just something small and I will be off on the ski trip in around 5 weeks! WOO!
 Now this is why I'm lucky. What is in this box?
 Haha I am terribly lucky I'm afraid and this blog post just demonstrates the reasons WHY you should always ask if a shop doesn't have what you want out on the shelves. As I already mentioned above, I wandered into Lush looking for bath bombs but also after hearing people raving about 'Snow Fairy'. I had never smelt this product or used it but I thought I'd give it a go. As it was after Christmas I couldn't see it anywhere in the shop and so I assumed they had already got rid of their Christmas stock... but... I went and asked an assistant and she told me how lucky I was as she had ONE remaining gift box and it was HALF PRICE! I ended up paying a measly £6 or less for the shower gel, soap and the glitter bar! It wasn't wrapped but I didn't mind and when I asked her how popular Snow Fairy usually was I found out that people go MAD for the stuff! Apparently there was once a sale for £90 on ebay because the customer obviously couldn't wait until Christmas for it... and I got it for 6. I'm aware I was very lucky to be the last one and also to have only payed such a small amount and I plan on using it tomorrow when I pop in the bath :) It smells delicious and I can definitely see why people would be so hooked on the stuff.
 So that's it for today folks! Just thought I'd share a few of my new things, whether purchased or as gifts :) Hope you enjoyed reading and I should be uploading a video on Sunday/Monday fingers crossed so make sure to watch out for that! Here's my last video though so if you haven't seen it already then make sure to go and watch! Cheerio! 

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