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Hey I'm Emz and if you must know one thing about me it's my ability to ramble about anything. Perhaps this makes me a great blogger, but then again could also make me a crazy person. I like to think it makes me a good candidate for a career in Journalism... which happens to be exactly my dream, HOORAY FOR COINCIDENCES *wink*
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Saturday, 12 January 2013

Youtube and I

Well this didn't go as planned... I haven't posted in almost a WEEK, that's a WHOLE 7 DAYS! I promised myself I wouldn't do this, but before you hate me there is a reason! I've been terribly busy all week doing that lovely revision I procrastinated over all holiday :') Yep. It caught up with me. Nice one Emz. So because I was back at sixth form, revising and writing English essays the night before they're due in (laziness is bad guys, real bad.) I unfortunately didn't have any time to write a blog post. I also had to deal with the fact that England is not exactly the most sunny of places in the Winter and as I get home at half four every day there is almost no natural light left and I much prefer natural light for photos. I would leave the house when it was still dark and return as it was getting dark, oh the joys of Winter. I think tomorrow after my awesome bath with an awesome bath bomb I bought from awesome lush that turns my bath water awesome yellow then blue, I shall spend some time taking pictures to last me a week. My History exam is on Wednesday though so I won't be blogging until Thursday at the earliest so I can cram in as much revision as humanly possible, I am SO LAST MINUTE!
Aaaannyway, that was just to explain why I haven't posted in a while as you already know I planned on writing as much as possible at the moment :) I have been nominated for the Liebster award by Chelsea Chapman at chelsschapman.blogspot.co.uk and I am planning to complete my post on that soon but I plan to spend a while on that and I don't really have the time at the moment. Tonight this is just a rather quick blog post about something I have been thinking about for a while now :) So I have been writing this blog for just a short amount of time, I think three weeks, and at the beginning I had the idea of writing on here for a while and then starting up a YouTube account and making videos on the things in my random mind and of course beauty related videos (I may not be qualified but I own a LOT of products). I wanted to wait awhile because I would be more established and therefore have more people who would be interested in watching my videos but it meant being patient, something which I am not familiar with ;) I know that a LOT of people make YouTube videos and I'm not expecting to become 'big' or anything, it would just be nice to know that someone somewhere was interested in my ramblings. Now I'm not totally a newbie at making videos, in fact, a year ago my friends and I created an account called '7girlsonecamera' (we're just so witty and thought that it sounded hilariously like '2 girls 1 cup' yep. Feel free to judge) and so we had created our very own collab-channel. Unfortunately, due to some unfriendly comments from the lads on our bus towards one of my friends in the collaboration we deleted the account so you can't watch any of the videos, soz. I LOVED doing it and it was SO INCREDIBLY FUN :') We each had a day to make a video on and I had Friday. Every Thursday I would shoot the video and every Friday I would edit it and it was FAB.U.LOUS. I am a very drama-fond person and particularly last year before I got ill I would go to town on my videos every week and produce the most ridiculous videos one could even imagine. I was told that people enjoyed my videos and thought they were hilarious as I don't mind taking the p*** out of myself and being an absolute t**t on camera, something which many 'viewers' enjoyed :') We created videos every week for a couple of months but as we were in GCSE year, the work load started to catch up on us and we lost focus. Some people stopped making videos regularly and some stopped altogether. Eventually we just called it a day until exams were over... Except.. we never did go back to that channel :/ I got pretty ill and everyone else just didn't have the drive to do it. I would just like to say that I was the one person who made a video EVERY SINGLE WEEK we had the channel and I'm very proud of that fact.
So, you have found out that I had a 'past' YouTube' phase and I really enjoyed it so it isn't like I would be awkward talking and I already know how to edit so I think my videos wouldn't be tooooo awful... as long as I could stop being weird on camera for more than five minutes... what can I say, I'm a fool. Whilst I was part of that channel we had quite a few views on our videos actually, more than I was expecting to be honest and one of my friends actually had a good account of her own although she has stopped making regular videos now which is a shame :( She was really good and her videos are still up now if you want to check them out, 'viewrenz' is her name. The whole point of this post was to question whether anyone would be interested in watching my videos if I decide to start a YouTube channel and I would be really interested to hear your views :) I promise not to be as crazy as I was a year ago but I wasn't ill then so I was massively hyper all the time, the joker of the group. Not to say I've lost my spark but it is considerably lower than it was when I was healthy, but don't worry, I'm still abnormal ;) I decided to show you one of the videos (new YouTube account 'Emziecole' funnily enough) I created as I have still got them saved on my laptop thank god (or not) but I have to warn you, in fact you really haven't been warned enough of how crazy I actually am :') I AM WEIRD AND SO ARE MY VIDEOS. Also, at this point I was starting my 'health decline' I guess you could call it so I had a constantly blocked nose, how lovely. Please prepare yourself for what you are about to witness, after looking at the rest of my videos I decided I couldn't POSSIBLY show any of the others except this one as it was the first one I did and the others were mortifying. This is only one year ago in February to be precise. I was sixteen, You will understand why I am nervous about putting this up after you have watched it, it's not even the most horrific one by far... If you fancy seeing more of my failure at life then do tell and I possibly will put more up 'just for da lols'. I feel I have to inform you how much better I will make my videos if I end up making them in the future and also my room is completely different and obviously I look slightly older and I'm far more 'relaxed' than I used to be. I'm really nervous about this video. ENJOY <3


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