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Hey I'm Emz and if you must know one thing about me it's my ability to ramble about anything. Perhaps this makes me a great blogger, but then again could also make me a crazy person. I like to think it makes me a good candidate for a career in Journalism... which happens to be exactly my dream, HOORAY FOR COINCIDENCES *wink*
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Thursday, 31 January 2013

What perfume?

Hey guys! This is just to let you know my new video is up! :D yeyyyyy! I love making these videos so so much and it really makes me so happy to see the comments people are writing! Continue to subscribe, watch and comment guys! Much love :3

Anyway, here are a few photos of my three favourite perfumes and if you want to find out more then do go and watch my video for a full disclosure on all of my perfumes :) Enjoy! 

Ralph by Ralph Lauren 

Boss Orange Sunset by Hugo Boss

Rebelle by Rihanna

So that's a few of my perfumes! If you want to check out the rest then do go and watch my video :)

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