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Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Vlogging, snow and Yankee candles

HEYAAAA so the next Emziecole video installment is saving as we speak and shall be up shortly! I filmed it on Monday as I had a day off school due to the oh-so-terrible snow, how unfortunate ;)

 I decided to film a vlog as I had an idea to spend my day off 'productively' by buying the gifts for the blog swap I am taking part in thanks to chelsschapman.blogspot.co.uk!! :D So of I wandered into the snowy lands, spending an hour walking, jumping... soaking, all to get to my local town centre. The things I do for this blog eh? ;) I didn't film any parts of me buying, it's a surprise after all! Although I did end up going slightly overboard in some changing rooms due to my favourite song coming on the sound system and holding a camera at the same time, perhaps not the best use of my time. :') It did mean that I ended up having to cram a 2000 word essay plus quotes into what little time I had after school yesterday owing to my 'productive' day on Monday and my constant laziness with leaving everything to last minute. What can I say really? Nothing. I did take some lovely pictures of the snow so in some ways that makes my laziness okay, Let's just say yes. Here are a few of them.

It was an interesting day though since I bucked up the courage to walk all that way in the snow and the cold just so I could go shopping. I feel the need to insert '#whatwomenwant' into this, it seems an appropriate summary for my stupid behaviour. WHO WALKS TO GO SHOPPING IN THE SNOW?! hashtag dedicated ;) So yes do go check out my new video, in fact it is up right now!


Another thing I wanted to mention in this post is my new found love of Yankee Candles *brain explosion from amazingness* I LOVE them! My friend actually bought me a Yankee Candle burner for my birthday along with four little wax tarts and so far I have used two of them after literally burning them non-stop for a week. I even ordered four more off the website just because I couldn't stand the idea of NOT having one on the go. Obsession beginning? Probably. THEY ARRIVED YESTERDAY! I was so happy when I saw the little package! The one's that came with my burner that are remaining are 'Turquoise Sky' and 'Waikiki Melon'. The Melon one SMELLS AMAZING! I think I have already mentioned before that I like citrus scents/fruity scents so the melon is perfect and I can't wait to burn it.
 My burner is green which used to be my favourite colour until recent and it's so adorably cute and fits right next to my bed on my bedside table. Don't worry, I keep it firmly away from any fabric! It still has wax in it from 'Black coconut' that I am trying to use until the very last drop to get as much use out as I can. The only problem with the tarts is that they don't evaporate/burn off and so you have to remove the leftover wax at the end which I need to do soon so I can have some new smells!
 I bought four new tarts as I mentioned previously and I was questioned by one of my friends today, "Emma, how did you buy them online without smelling them first?" Well, I just took a risk of course! What's life without risks eh? :) Also, I was so desperate for more one night that I simply had to buy them then and there! Have you ever been in one of those moods before where you simply can't wait until you go shopping regardless of the fact that you haven't tested the product out and you have to pay postage? Yep. Typical women folk we are. So the tarts I bought (without testing, oopsie) are 'Strawberry Buttercream', 'Sparkling lemon', 'Fruit Fusion' and 'Sugared apple'. I totally made the right decision and I love all of them! Risk well took I think :)

So there you go, a few little thoughts from Emma for the day :) Hope you have been enjoying the snow if you've had it! I liked it at first but now I'm starting to get annoyed as it means I can't do everything I want to, wahhh :( That's all from me today guys, please go and subscribe to my new YouTube channel! I promise you won't regret it. Taraaaa <3

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