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Sunday, 6 January 2013

My Birthday goodies!

Hey guys I think I mentioned it numerous times, but it was my BIRTHDAY on Friday!! WOOO! Yes I hit the age of... *drum roll*... 17. Yeah erm pretty boring I know, still have to wait a year for THAT age. My birthday was lovely, it really really was and I had so many people wishing me Happy Birthday! It was such a good day :) In some ways I can't wait to go back to school to see all of my friends but in others I just want to curl up into a ball in my bed and cry... exams :( Revision has been difficult to do what with being ill and I'm absolutely terrified! I cannot wait for the 17th (my friend's birthday actually as well) as that symbolizes the end of exams for me and a few others PHEW! Anyway I thought I would just show you what I was fortunate enough to get this birthday, it wasn't much 'stuff' as because it was my seventeenth the majority of my family opted to give me money instead of presents so that I could pay for driving lessons. I ended up getting quite a bit of money and am able to pay for at least 10 driving lessons! WOW!
All of my presents were fabby and what I got off my parents was lovely :) I received a cheque, a CHEQUE I tell you! oh eh eh miss fancy pants ;) Not going to tell you how much as that is personal. I also got a couple of other presents off them too. Now, if you religiously watch Youtube videos like me, especially people like Zoella, Sprinkleofglitter, Fleaurdeforce, Viviannadoesmakeup, essiebutton... the list goes on, (they're fab people so do go and watch their videos/follow their blogs!) then you will know that the most of the 'beauty queens of Youtube' rave about Soap and Glory products. After checking out the collection of Soap and Glory products in Boots I fell in love with the smell of the Sugar Crush selection and for many many weeks I was toying with the idea of purchasing one if not more of them for myself, although they did come with a rather extravagant price tag for someone my age :S I told my mom about my recent love of them and showed her them one day when I was 'umming and ahhing' over whether I should spend my money and as it turned out my lovely mommy actually BOUGHT ALL THREE for me for my birthday to go with the money :') I was so happy when I opened them. I also got another scrub off a friend who I have seen this holiday and I could not be more delighted. I will be smelling very good for the foreseeable future!
I also was given a few more bath/shower related presents from other people as well including the female lynx (which smells a lot like Impulse fragrances actually) and some 'Baylis and Harding' Rose and Ylang Ylang body lotion, bath crystals and shower gel which came with its own little makeup bag. I'm not usually a fan of rose scented stuff, always opting for the more citrus scented brands or other girly smells (which reminds me I want to go to Lush soon), but I actually think they smell quite nice! Below is a picture of the present one of my friends popped round to give me on the morning of my birthday as I was playing Call of Duty Black ops II zombies with my brother in a onesie, I'm so classy :') She gave me some jewellery and these adorable little cake shaped bath goodies! The green one is lime body lotion, the yellow is lemon bath crystals (I used them today) and the orange is orange scented shower gel. I was a little confused at first and thought that they were soaps because I guess you could say that the orange and green ones could look like soap... right? But they aren't, the cherries on the top screw off! How adorable ;')

I had a few pieces of jewellery from some people and my favourite was the little selection of friendship bracelets from my next door neighbour, (the one at the top). Now if you know me, you know I'm a rings and earrings sort of girl, other than my Pandora bracelet I rarely wear bracelets and I do wear necklaces but if I'm rushing I will go for earrings above all :) However, I just think that the little friendship bracelets are cute and I can wear them all at once or separately. 

I love nail varnish (who doesn't?) and I have more colours than the average person needs. In fact I walk into 'drug stores' looking for more colours and I generally can't find any that I haven't already got except for the occasional 'limited edition' one. So because of this I think I was very lucky to have the colours I did, I had a bronzey-gold colour, a metallic bluey-green-purple and a silver crackle effect, not very good explanations I know but they turn different colours in different lights. Off of one of my ex-neighbors I had a large collection of different colours from the 'Strictly Come Dancing' range and some of them are LOVELY. 

I have never really been a complete lip gloss fanatic, finding that they always end up as 'easy' presents to buy for a friend that you don't know very well/took too long to find a present for and as a result I have rarely, if ever bought myself one. I don't enjoy wearing them because you can guarantee that whenever I wear them it will be windy that day and my hair will get stuck... not a pleasant experience I'm sure you will agree. I also don't think that they last very long and some can be very tacky and I feel like my lips have been glued together. Either that or they will be extremely runny and disappear the second I apply them. As of recent, I have definitely been more of a lipstick girl. However, one of my nearest and dearest friends bought me a pack of three from Accessorize and I have heard good things about these lip glosses! The pink one in the centre is SO pigmented it's practically like a lipstick anyway and they aren't too runny or too sticky, they're just right. I am Goldilocks and these are baby bear's lip glosses :)
 Money money money.. must be funny.. in a rich man's woooorrrrrld... Yes you can't see much, it's a pretty appalling taken photo but that is the majority of what I received this birthday.
Now I think I have already mentioned my fondness for New Look in a previous blog post and so I was very pleasantly surprised when I got a 10 pound gift card IN THE SHAPE OF A SHOE! I love love love shoes and I will certainly get the full use of this card not-too-long from now :)

The last thing my parents gave me was a bit of a surprise as I had mentioned several times that I was in need of my Provisional license in order to start driving and I had asked mom on several occasions to collect one from the Post Office when she was in town. It was nearly always greeted with 'the line will be too long' and 'don't worry about that now, get your Student discount card sorted first'. Granted I still don't have my student discount card but hey ho, I've been... 'revising' all holiday. So it was a big shock when I opened a box from the rents on my B-day morning and there was my application for my provisional staring me right in the face. Still need to fill that in...
Anyhoo those are the photos I have of the majority of my presents off my beloved family and a few friends and I'm sure my other friends at school will have little gifts for me when i go back but I thought I'd write this now :) I also had a few other things such as the Rimmel 'Wake me up' foundation, yet another jumper from New Look (wearing it right now), mounds of chocolate and a china fish money box.
So that's it for me today guys, have a fantastic last day/couple of days rest before you're back to school/college/work and I will see you soon, byeeeeeee <3


  1. I watch YouTube religiously too! x
    You should watch macbarbie07 and stilababe09 they are great too! I love this post.

    Happy belated Birthday

  2. Youtube is fantastic :')
    I will go and check them out too in that case! :D
    Thank you very much, I had a great great day!! <3

  3. Such a good post.. I just did a post on 10 soap and glory products if you wanna check it out :)

    Chels xx


    1. Thank you so much! I will go and check that out for you yes :') xx

  4. Happy Belated Birthday Lady, hope you were spoilt and had a fabulous day. Love your post very informative.


    1. Thank you Judith! Haha I was spoilt and my day was amazing thanks :') xxx

  5. Happy Birthday hun. I hope you got everything you wanted. Keep in touch. Love Chloe

    1. Thank you Chloe I did indeed get everything I wanted! I was very lucky :') xx

  6. Happy *late* birthday! I've wanted the Sugar Crush set for ages.... Could you do a review? i'd love to know your opinion.

    Kim :) x

    1. Haha thank you! :') Sure I will! I absolutely love them so that would be a great idea! I'd like to purchase more Soap and Glory products as well but it's definitely a great idea! :D xx