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Monday, 28 January 2013

Review: Sugar Crush by Soap & Glory

I am hopefully going to start doing posts a little more frequently and a little less 'rambly' as many of my previous ones have been :') I have a tendency to waffle on in my introduction and talk about many many things :') I'd love to do shorter posts and more of them for that fact! Anyway, getting right down to the good stuff, I have recently been asked if I can do a review of the Soap and Glory Sugar Crush products and I'm very excited about this since I adore them! 
Firstly, I know a lot of people have tried this trilogy and there are always great reviews on these products but I thought it can't hurt to have yet another opinion on the matter as well as some pwetty pictures :3 I have mentioned these products before on this blog as well as my new YouTube channel, http://www.youtube.com/user/Emziecole?feature=mhee  

So without further ado, here are my views on the oh-so-gorgeous Soap and Glory Sugar Crush products :)

 So here is the Body 'Buttercream', in my opinion the best smelling of all three and the best product as it leaves your skin smelling like the actual cream. I'm sad that it's not full! That is how much I love it, I just never want it to run out ever! I think that this smells like Lemon Meringue which is quite a strong scent but I find that's a good aspect since it stays on your skin all day and leaves you smelling great! You can see how much I've used already (excuse the finger marks, I've tried to use as little as possible). Although, even bearing that in mind I still smelt strongly of 'sweet-lime' all day! I wouldn't say I have yet seen a difference in my skin as luckily I don't suffer with particularly dry skin except occasionally my arms and legs, but I'm sure if I did I would definitely find this a worthwhile product as it is recommended by so many :) This is the most expensive of the 'trilogy' as I like to call it. At £10 it is £4 more expensive than the body wash but I like to smell of my bath products all day (I know some don't) and so the body wash unfortunately doesn't cut it for me alone. If you are looking for a good scented, well moisturising product that leaves you with that 'just bathed' feeling all day, then I definitely recommend this if you don't mind paying a tenner :)

 I know a lot of 'beauty guru's' use the Sugar crush scrub and rave about it on YouTube and it was because of this that I wandered into Boots and gave them a quick sniff :') I was HOOKED when I smelt the amazingness that is the Sugar crush selection and I have to say that in my opinion none of the other Soap and Glory products compare in scent. I have never really tried any S&G products before (a bit of a Soap and Glory virgin I'm afraid) but I'm delighted with this teeny tiny collection I have now. I have two scrubs as one of my friend's purchased 10 products in a bag for around £25 not-so-long-back when they were on special offer and gave me the scrub as she doesn't like the smell. I know what you're thinking, WHY DID YOU NOT BUY ONE EMMA?! Well, I sit on the bus next to this particular friend and she didn't tell me about this offer until she had already bought one and was showing me the contents. It happened to be  Friday and my local Boots wasn't partaking in this particular offer so I had to wait until Monday to buy one, by which time of course pea brain forgetful Emma had forgotten all about it... *cries*. Anyway I have been suffering with slight breakouts on the back of my shoulders due to emotional and exam stress and my illness and so I was very keen to find a scrub that would lessen this horrible problem! I have to say that so far my skin has felt loads smoother after using this and so I would definitely recommend it! I am unsure whether it is helping with my slightly spotty/blemishy skin at the moment, perhaps I'm not using it often enough, but I will be sure to keep you informed!

I know you're all thinking, 'My God Emma your intro may have been shorter but the overall post certainly was not!' Sorry about that, as I said I do have a tendency to waffle but I just like to make sure I've covered everything and keep a more conversational tone apposed to just preaching to an audience :) Anyway, finally here is the body wash, the cheapest of the three at £6, the scrub being £8 as I forgot to mention. This one is definitely going to last me a LONG LONG time :') You barely even need just one pump of this onto a sponge and it's plenty which I love as it means I can save a bit'o money! This one is the least overpowering of all the scents but I think it does stay on your skin for a while after, whereas some body washes I have tried disappear after just a few seconds :( I can't say I have noticed major difference in this wash to any others other than it's very foamy and smells delicious, but I don't really think that there is much difference in soap :') So here we go. Here are my opinions on these products but make no mistake I ADORE them because of the smell and it stays with me all day. perhaps I haven't used them enough to notice a real difference in my skin and if many people think that they're good then they must be!

  • They smell delicious
  • Stay on your skin for many hours
  • Make your skin feel lovely and soft
  • They're addictive to smell (not sure if that's a pro or a con actually ;))
  • The price as with all S&G products is quite extravagant for what they are if you're on a budget
  • Haven't noticed immense improvement to my skin yet but needs further investigation :P
So there we go, hope that helps if you're planning to purchase these any time soon :) Please do go and check out my YouTube channel and subscribe! Loves <3

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