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Thursday, 3 January 2013

Bargain hunter


Alreeeet??? So IT'S MY MOFOING BIRTHDAY TOMORROW! YEAHHHHHHHH! Haha all I have done today, aside from acupuncture (yes!) is talk about the fact that it is my birthday tomorrow :') In fact, the majority of tweets on my personal account are to do with my birthday.
Anyway I briefly mentioned that I had another sesh of acupuncture today, THANK THE LORD, ahhh it was fab! Such a weird thing to say I know, but it's hard to understand the 'craving', oh dear, makes me sound a bit like a needle junkie... I'M NOT I SWEAR! It's just I find the benefits so good that my body ends up wanting to feel better and better :) See, I am normal (sort of). So after my acupuncture, mother and I popped into Aldi and I was sort of on an energy high at that point so I wandered round for a bit... and lost her. WOOPSIE! Not like I'm 17 tomorrow or anything :') Anyway as mom was looking through... something, like I said, I lost her, so I don't know what she was doing at this point, but I found some cheap little makeup bits! Yeyy! oh and this key looks like a gun ¬¬¬ hehe that was fun. ANYWAY going off topic Emma... but yes I found the little cheapo makeup part (don't know whether you have Aldi in your country but it's basically a little... I can't say supermarket... but it sells a variety of food at cheap prices and toiletries and just general shizz but it's not a mahoosive supermarket) in Aldi and I had a scavenge around for something worth getting and there were a few nail varnishes but I didn't like the look of any of them... but... I FOUND LIPSTICK FOR £2!! Yes that's just a teeny tiny bit of money for a lipstick, granted it could have been appalling quality, but they had testers guys! I'm not that much of a pauper... LIPSTICK FOR 2 MEASLY POUNDS OMFG. It was brill! I did a few swatches of the five colours they had to offer and I chose the colour that I don't have, which is like a sparkly bright pink :) I have been going through a phase of loving lipstick recently (watching too many Zoella videos ;)) and I have bought around 3 in the last month, I LOVE THEM! So I went out today in my Kate Moss lasting finish 107 lipstick by Rimmel and ended up purchasing a cheap Aldi one later on awwww! I don't have a very big lipstick collection it has to be said, it's just the top photo :( I WANT MORE OMG. No. Seriously. I want more. I also want more hats! Gahhhh good job my birthday is tomorrow eh? ;) Nahh I think I'm just getting money for driving lessons but if there's any extra...
So, my mediocre lipstick collection consists of... (left to right) 
- (Haha, how funny that the first one I don't even know what it is, oh dear) But I don't really like it that much anyway, it was in a box of makeup I was given a long time ago that had one lipstick, a tiny eye shadow compact and... actually I think that was it! Lets just leave that one then...
- OKAY, so the next one is the cheap Aldi one, it's by the company 'Lacura beauty' and it is in shade 106.
- 3rd from left is the first lipstick I think I ever actually bought myself as I never used to be a lipstick person, I have the LARGE lipgloss collection to prove it :') It is Kate Moss 'Lasting Finish' in shade 02 and it's a very bright pink.
- This one I ADORE, like ADORE ADORE! It's another Kate Moss 'Lasting Finish' by Rimmel in shade 110 and it's a sort of corally-pink, it's LOVELY!
- This lipstick was given to me by my mom as well as a small bunch of others but they're hidden away as I don't use them :) It's a Clinique lipstick in 'Beach Coral'.
- Finally, I also ADORE this lipstick, Kate Moss' 'Lasting Finish' yet again I know! But this is in shade 107 and it's called 'wine' I think :) It's a dark reddy/plum and it's fab.
So there you go, that is my little collection I will hopefully be adding to over the years! There will be some new ones VERY soon I do hope. I just thought I would do a little post on the fact that I got a little lipstick for a BARGAIN today and I'm very happy with it! There are a couple of un-edited photos above of me wearing it... mmmm... lovely unedited face :') I also edited the last two because I thought they looked alreeeet edited :P Hopefully you can get an idea of what it looked like on anyway :) 
THERE WE GO ME FRIENDS, that is all for today, hope you enjoyed my little excited blog post as TOMORROW IS MY BIRTHDAY! Dear lord, I really don't get bored of saying that! I hope you will understand that I won't be posting tomorrow as I have family and friends over so I won't want to be sitting at a computer for an hour. I planned to write on here every day/every few days for the first couple of months just so that people would have something to read when they clicked onto my blog and not just a couple of posts over a few months :/ Ramble over though today I promise, and have a FABULOUS MY-BIRTHDAY-DAY TOMORROW :') See you soon! <3

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