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Hey I'm Emz and if you must know one thing about me it's my ability to ramble about anything. Perhaps this makes me a great blogger, but then again could also make me a crazy person. I like to think it makes me a good candidate for a career in Journalism... which happens to be exactly my dream, HOORAY FOR COINCIDENCES *wink*
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Friday, 8 February 2013


HEY GUYS! This is so short it's unreal :') I've been very busy with coursework and working this past week and I went to see LES MISERABLES which was AWESOME! So I haven't had any time for blog posts this week *cries* :( I'm out all tomorrow as well so I should be filming a new video Sunday and taking some photos for posts so you can look forward to those.
Here are my last two videos for my channel, enjoy!

and my Blog swap video which links to my blog swap post :)


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