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Hey I'm Emz and if you must know one thing about me it's my ability to ramble about anything. Perhaps this makes me a great blogger, but then again could also make me a crazy person. I like to think it makes me a good candidate for a career in Journalism... which happens to be exactly my dream, HOORAY FOR COINCIDENCES *wink*
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Sunday, 30 December 2012

Happy Resolutions :)

Bonjournois occasional visitor/s :') I didn't write a post yesterday as I woke up extraordinarily late, 12 noon it was, oops! Then I went out to a family friends' party. I am known for being incredibly lazy it has to be said, I can't lie. However after realizing that it was simply not beneficial for me to sleep in so late when I had lots of revision to be doing as well as attempting to write a blog post and take pictures before I lost all natural light, which gave me just 4 hours, I decided I was not to sleep in after 10 in the morning. I do love my lie ins and as I'm at sixth form every day except for the weekend and I used to coach and train gymnastics every Saturday from 9, I only used to have Sunday to stay in bed, and believe me I used that to my advantage... but now as the christmas holidays are here and I have what feels like endless amount of time, I generally just sleep in all morning, wake up at lunch time and proceed to eat my toast, much to the applause of my family at the arrival of their 'comatose' daughter. Anyway, as much as my sleep pattern is front-page news, I just felt I had to start a blog post somehow and as I have accomplished some, albeit very little, revision, made a card for my best friend's birthday and eaten lunch at the correct time today, I felt I would share that with you. I got up at 11! So that idea sort of went down the drain I know but I was woken at 10, I just found it very difficult to remove my arse from bed :') I have mentioned my laziness before...
But this sort of failure got me thinking about resolutions and new years and just attempted resolutions. I myself have never actually made a new years resolution, forever feeling that I wouldn't stick to it and I just didn't want to. It's not because I don't have any willpower, I mean, I have completed lent two years in a row and not eaten chocolate or crisps for 40 days at a time, but the idea of a new years resolution just never really crossed my mind, I'm unsure what I would do. I know that a lot of people aim to lose weight/go to the gym/ cut down on alcohol/foods that are bad for you. I love exercise and as I have already mentioned I used to do gymnastics, I trained for 6-8 hours a week and coached for 3. I wasn't amazing, I just really really enjoyed it. Unfortunately becoming quite ill meant that I haven't been able to go back to it for 9 months which has been quite distressing as I do miss it so much and it has made me eat far less, I used to eat ridiculous amounts! Anyway, because of that I can't go to the gym and I don't need to cut down on what I eat as I already have done that without thinking it seems :/ Now, I'd be lying if I said I'd never touched alcohol, even though yes I am only 17 (in 5 days) but I think any teenager would be lying or there abouts :') But that doesn't mean I drink to excess as that would be irresponsible on my parents part if they let me consume alcohol every day and many units at a time, but as a teenager I have had my fair share but obviously I don't need to 'cut down'. I think at this age it's a shame if you really have to think that about yourself. So we've established that there's no need for the traditional new years resolutions for me and I guess I could go all out with the 'cornyness' and just say next year I would like to be happier :) I think that's a really nice one that I would love to be able to stick to as this year has had quite a few low points with being quite ill and as I'm hopefully coming to the end of it it would be nice to be far happier as we come into a new, hopefully far more rewarding 2013. It has just been interesting to think about a new year and I will either be at home tomorrow or at a party, I'm hoping the latter ;) 
But yeah, I do love writing on this blog as I'm a bit of an English lover and am currently studying English literature A-level and this blog sort of is like a diary for me (since I have no followers) and it's a chance for me to just be in my own little world (I'm that kind of person, you know, the annoying ones that pull fish faces as they gorm out, yep that's the one) I'd like to say that writing on this is sort of a new years resolution as I started it a mere few days ago and so it might as well be, and it would be great to keep at it and write about new things every day. So this new years, when you're downing the champers and/or seeing relatives and friends, if you do decide to try out a new years resolution then have fun picking one and only do it if it makes you happy or the end result will make you happy, not because it's what everyone else is doing. I'm a bit corny like that and I always try and make others happy, even over my own happiness (there's been a bit'o that this year too :/) So even though I will probably be on here tomorrow, if I'm not, I hope everyone has a fantastic new years eve and a happy happy happy 2013! Take care! <3

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