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Hey I'm Emz and if you must know one thing about me it's my ability to ramble about anything. Perhaps this makes me a great blogger, but then again could also make me a crazy person. I like to think it makes me a good candidate for a career in Journalism... which happens to be exactly my dream, HOORAY FOR COINCIDENCES *wink*
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Friday, 28 December 2012

I tidied my room? Dear Lord...

Alrighty there dearest empty space? How's the clean un-crowded air doin' for ya? hehe I do make myself chuckle, gosh I'm an odd one! Anyway I did some revision today! Yeyyyy! Productive day has been achieved, no matter how little (it was little) the amount of proper revision I have done is. Oopsie. BUT there is no need to fear, tomorrow I hopefully will be meeting a friend and then after that perhaps I will be out of this lazy rut I am in/post-christmas lazy time. I can only hope! Dear lord there is a lot of History in the past :/ I chose a very difficult A-level I'm afraid. 
Not to worry, revision was not the only thing I achieved today besides getting out of bed before midday (I told you I was lazy), I also happened to tidy my room, woohooo! I don't let my room get too messy but I recently redecorated so I find that it's nice to keep things ordered and pretty looking :) So I just rearranged my wardrobe and got rid of a few odd bits cluttering up my bedside table, it was rather satisfying to see the final result actually and I found out I own far too much holiday chocolate and sweets :S
My friend made me these for secret santa :)

Yes they do all look mightily delish but as I've been ill recently I just don't have the appetite for them *sad face* but it shouldn't be too bad because I'll be back to my normal self and scoffing my face soon enough! Too soon if you ask me :') But this blog post is literally me just talking about how I achieved the impossible... a tidy bedroom! So as a result I am just going to pop a few pictures of a few clothes I own that I have purchased/been given recently that I love/gained a great bargain on. It's just a couple of things but I thought it would be cute.
Here's a jumper I absolutely LOVE. It was a christmas present off my dear parents but I chose it about a month ago in my favourite shop, New Look. Yes I know that New Look is rather a boring choice for my favourite shop but it's affordable, great and has the style of clothes that I love! Anyway this jumper is adorable, I can't remember how much it cost but it's a light black with multicoloured speckles and it's quite thick and woolly and loose and just very very warm and snugly :) All in all just lovely and it has cute little elbow patches as well which just add extra detail. The majority of my wardrobe is from New Look, I can't lie :')
 (Yes I am aware I look slightly odd in this photo but my camera was messing about and this ended up being the only semi-decent photo, apologies) 
(This also slightly odd looking photo was taken too with my dysfunctional camera, sorry it's not great quality and I had to take the photos quickly as I was losing natural light. But the top is also below, also not very good quality, next time I shall stop being so lazy and take photos earlier on in the day.)
Anyway this top was an absolute steal! As you all know Christmas happened just a couple of days ago, yes that lovely day everyone looks forward to that happens just once a year and we all end up eating our weight in food on! Well, the fantastic thing about Christmas is the sales that follow and so on Boxing day, the lovely mother and I got dressed and headed out for what was sure to be a highly successful trip to town. I could not have been more disappointed. I have to say that the sales this year are not as great as I previously remember and so I barely purchased anything! Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise as I do need to save for highly expensive driving lessons, but what I did end up buying consisted of a couple tops, a jumper, a hoody and a lipstick, so really not much for sale day. But the first place that me and mom visited was Primark, good old Primarni!! But I was pleasantly surprised with the sale in primark above anywhere else! Me and mom both ended up walking out with a top each for just three pounds! The one above is mine, it is black with a studded collar and the one my mom purchased was similar but didn't have a studded collar. I have to say that £3 was an absolute bargain and I'm very pleased, even if I just wear it once that's brilliant. 

These are jeans not shorts and I absolutely LOVE them, I purchased them about a month and a half ago and I can't get enough of them, they seem a bit more blue in this photo than they actually are in real life as they're more of a forest green but they're beautiful. They're from New Look of course and you can see the top of them in the first photo I took where I am wearing the black jumper. The only downside is the fact that I can't wear them all the time because of their colour as a lot of colours tend not to go well with them which is such a shame. They're incredibly comfy too. They didn't come with a belt, I'm unsure where I actually got that belt from.

This is the jumper from the first photo.
So there we go, that is what I have to say today, not many pieces of clothing, I simply just wanted to share a few of my little things with the Internet and hopefully one day I won't be the only person reading what I have written. After all that is what I eventually hope to do as a career one day, journalism for magazines, so blogging is fantastic experience! It's just nice to dream. Thanks if you have read, I may be new at this but we all start out at the bottom, cheerio! <3


  1. I really like the jumper, it's so cute!
    and nice blog too!
    i'll follow xx
    message me if you want to do any collaborations or maybe a guest swap post would be fun? :)

    Winona x

    1. Thank you!! I'm very new to this but that sounds great! That would definitely be good :)

    2. Same! i literally just started blogging, just been a bit spontaneous lately haha.
      Yeah? do you have an email i can message to? might be easier than commenting

    3. Okay good to know someone's in the same boat :') yep, my e-mail is 'emziecole7@hotmail.com' :) xx

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